Interview with Cristina de Middel

Image above: ©Cristina de Middel. This Is What Hatred Did. Lagogo.    KELLY KORZUN: What got you into photography? How did it all start? CRISTINA DE MIDDEL: I studied Fine Arts with concentration in drawing. I used …Read More


ANN HAMILTON you’re invited

Image above: ©Michael Mercil.   ANDREA BLANCH: I wanted to ask you about your portraits at the ADAA Fair. How did you come to that technique? ANN HAMILTON: The year after I had done a very large project at …Read More


BUNNY YEAGER funny bunny

Image above: ©Bunny Yeager. All images courtesy of Gallery Schuster, Berlin.   Look out, Jack Frost! The North Pole has gotten hot hot hot. This year, even Santa has been a little naughty. What’s Ol’ Saint Nick got …Read More


YOON JI SEON two-faced

Image above: ©Andrea Blanch. All images sewing on Frabic and Photograph Unique and courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York.   ANDREA BLANCH: When did you begin photographing? YOON JI SEON: My first solo exhibition was in …Read More