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Lori Nix: S= k log W 52

Image above: Portrait of Lori Nix by Andrea Blanch.    Andrea Blanch: When did you first start to make the elaborate models that are now the subjects? Lori Nix: I started The Laundromat in 2005 …Read More

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Harold Lee Miller: American Life

Image above: Portrait by Harold Lee Miller.    Society moves forward, cities flourish, iPhones dominate, and superficial materialism runs rampant. But nestled in small towns of the Midwest, time rewinds and stands still, if only …Read More


Adam Magyar (crowdsourcing)

Image above: Portrait by Andrea Blanch.   ANDREA BLANCH: Our issue is about ritual; and I think your series Urban Flow pertains to ritual. Are you still working on it? ADAM MAGYAR: No. I completed …Read More

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Celia Shapiro: Humanity’s folly

Image above: Portrait of Celia Shapiro by Antonio Moreira.   If the death penalty was to deter people from crimes then the state would display the rotting corpses on pikes in city centers as a …Read More