Sandro Miller: Casting Masters

Image Above: Portrait by  Sandro Miller    ANDREA BLANCH: What compelled you to recreate these iconic images? SANDRO MILLER: The thought came when I was in recovery from cancer. I felt like I was given …Read More



Image above: Francesca Woodman.  (April 3, 1958 – January 19, 1981) Born in Boulder, Colorado, Francesca Woodman was a young Ameri- can photographer whose death was marked with rumors about the romantic and professional chagrins …Read More

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Coco Young: Vanity

Image above: Portrait of Coco Young by Andrea Blanch.   What initially inspired you to pursue photography? How did you begin the transition from model to artist? There was never a clean break. Before I …Read More

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MARK LUBELL: the next chapter

Image above: Portrait by Tanya Braganti.    ANDREA BLANCH: How do you think your experience at Magnum has influenced or helped you in your new role? MARK LuBELL: There is no way I would be …Read More