Fruits of surveillance: Xu Bing Interview about "Dragonfly Eyes"

"In the production phase of this film, we were observing day by day about these subjects’ daily lives, we diligently followed their timetables, for example, this guy will wear this shirt today, and that lady will put on that dress tomorrow. In this restaurant, she is closer to this colleague, etc. Then I started to think about the relationship between the subjects and us."


It’s shock- ing to see how such a celebrated hero is seen as an incredible, idealistic leader. Meanwhile, on the other side of history, he is seen as a murderer. In my Utopia, I want to see a mythical leader from 360 degrees. I want to see how it was for the American, the Native, and for others.

THE ARCHIVES: Shamus Clisset

Two of your pieces, Mr. Realistic (Keeping America Clean) (2014) and Builder Destroy (Acid God) (2013), depict a person inhabiting a trash covered, post-apocalyptic environment. Where did the idea for this world come from? Is it a version for our own world? Is it an omen for the way we mistreat our environment?

Women Crush Wednesday: Nashalina Schrape

I was very concerned about what was outside of me. I struggled with many shades of shame and self worth. It was important for me to discover my own internal voice and filter of seeing the world. If we follow our history, passions, and/or interest it leads us to our authentic, one of kind voice and expression. There is no one like you, if you truly listen to what your soul is telling you. 

Current Feature: Vik Muniz

Art is all about realizing and updating rituals in which mankind deals with their environment, the duty of the artist is to help realize but also to update the idea of realism itself. Children can rotate objects within a special field, when we grow old we lose this ability. 

The Archives: David LaChapelle

1. Your Aristocracy series shows private jets crashing as a thing of beauty. You create structure from chaos, order from disorder. Do you consider yourself a revolutionary?

I don’t think of myself in terms that have political connotations. I take photographs and do what I want – I try to say through a photograph the things I wish to express.

Women Crush Wednesday: Alena Zhandarova

I was looking for the natural and flexible faces, to which I was drawn. Firstly I came to their houses, we got acquainted, drank tea and speak about something. Later on we began to seek the background and clothes after the first voltage subsided. Usually I’m shooting in a silence using only gestures.

Current Feature: Andrea Blanch

S: What guided you in choosing artists for the enigma issue?

A: A lot of shoe leather. I let the photographers speak to me. Some have been found through active discovery, speaking to friends, and I rediscover artists whom I have always admired. I knew I wanted to include fashion photography since fashion imagery is inherently enigmatic. Once I decided that, my first thought was Guy Bourdin.

Women Crush Wednesday: Meghan Boody

The trick of embedding subjects and objects into environments is getting the gravity right, giving weight to the newly positioned elements. It so easily for it to look flat and pasted. A lot of attention has to be paid to the edges of each merged item. Details like tiny strands of hair and blades of grass help cover the seams and add believability. While it might sound tedious, this is my favorite part. The saying that the angel is in the details really applies here. In the end, if I succeed at creating a convincing illusion, it feels like magic to me and that's what I live for.

A Second Glance: Isabel Magowan Interview

"Should I be disturbed?" I want you to question it. 

As a young person, I was performing Nutcracker...From the audiences, it's all magic, but we were in backstage, seeing the track doors open and the trees go through, and people pulling things...quick changes... costumes doesn't go on...

Current Feature: Annette Lemieux

Well, I woke up on November 9th at about 4:30 in the morning and checked out the news. I was horrified that Trump was now my president. My world just went upside down. I thought that my work Left Right Left Right that was installed in the Whitney’s Human Interest exhibition didn’t make any sense anymore.  The piece was a celebration of protest or opposition, but that morning I and it felt defeated.

Women Crush Wednesday: Paulina Korobkiewicz

I am very observant in general and I believe you have to be sensitive in that way to notice the intuitive moment when an ordinary object becomes alien. There are many factors that help create that moment and this is what I look for when I’m photographing. The moment when I feel confused, when a thing becomes questionable; is the moment I take a picture.