A Dip Into The Archives: William Wegman

I remember floating things down the Milwaukee River, then getting up on a bridge and photo- graphing them. I realized that I was positioning myself to make it look a certain way. I think I also wanted to communicate with people other than just fellow students or other people who happened to be there.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Ellen Carey

"I began with black & white photograms, but when I turned to color, with the photogram, I realized light, photography’s indexical, was radically different, the palette electrified the composition, whether it was expressed in muted tones or bolder hues. Color is an artist’s universe and photographic color theory (RGBYMC) photography’s planet."


It was never my goal to be a photographer. I came into fashion and photography as an outsider. I came from being in the music industry for many years. It wasn’t something I pursued di- rectly, I picked it up late and took it where it led me, which was fashion.