Paolo Roversi | Doubts

By Ashley Yu

From Dior to Comme des Garçons, the fashion realm is where the prolific Paolo Roversi has flourished. He often returns to classic compositional techniques, in an elegant synthesis of fine art and commercial photography. Roversi’s oeuvre spans decades, having nearly trademarked the 8 x 10 film and Polaroids before a necessary transition to the digital camera. His monochromatic portraits are often marked by a grainy background, long exposure, and an ethereal use of natural light to create an acute sense of intimacy between the viewer and a myriad of gorgeous women--unmediated by the camera’s presence, yet somehow omnipresent.

Book Review: Dyckman Haze

There are only so many spots of sanctuary amongst the suffocating throng of bodies, rushing to and fro, on the island we have come to know as Manhattan. Photographer Adam Pape sets out on an exploration of New York City parks throughout Dyckman Haze: a compilation of such dreamlike havens and those who inhabit them.

Welcome to the Jungle Camp

Ahmed El Shaer’s latest installation Crossover (The Scene) is set in the former refugee camp known as “the Jungle” in Calais, France. Currently exhibited at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens, El Shaer combines live-action footage, landscape photography, and computer graphics to explore what is now a wasteland and what used to be Living Hell for a near 8,000 migrants.

Book Review: Impossible Love

“Obscenely pornographic” is the default sentiment that follows Nobuyoshi Araki. His newest collection Impossible Love is a compilation of his analogue snapshots taken from various projects, including Memoirs of Yoko (1968-70) and Flower/Doll (2018). His newer projects are softer, though no less provocative, presentations of the Araki that the world is used to.