Film Review: Endless Poetry (2017) Dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky

What a perfect title for a deliriously, ravishing ode to youthful self-discovery and passionate embrace of the artistic life and all of it’s sensations in dedication to the making of art. This is Jodorowsky’s story and it is absolutely who he is as an artist. A virtuosic polymath - artist, writer, actor, poet, filmmaker, philosopher, and shaman - he he is prolific in the extreme.

Book Review: The Last Cosmology

Telephone antennae, construction cranes, and electrical wires break the horizon in dark, geometric silhouettes: these man-made electrical units stand in direct contrast to a lightning bolt’s rivulets of white above.

Book Review: Radiographic

However, in Steve Miller’s X-ray photos, the interstices represent not the individual but rather the shared medium of all life, the porous material through which energy is disseminated, which expands when granted and shrivels when refused.