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Janice Guy's A Foot in the Mouth of Art

The conversation on revealing versus concealing in the photographic representation of the Self is the same as taking selfies in infinity mirrors—infinitely reflected but none corporeal. There is an underlying equivocation between representation and distortion. This dynamic is taken up by experimental photographer Janice Guy. In her first solo exhibition Foot in the Mouth of Art , her years-worth of unearthed works are a commentary on, or scrutiny of, the photographic portrayal of femininity, anonymity, and sexuality.

Art Out: How We See: Photobooks by Women

In an educational exploration of under-represented works and a poignant tribute to female photographers, 10x10 has published How We See: Photobooks by Women. Set at a level above mere convention, the publication features one hundred photobooks, each published by a female photographer. It is a wonderful snapshot of a multitude of female photographers and the undervalued work that they have created, making known many unknown artists.

Paolo Roversi | Doubts

By Ashley Yu

From Dior to Comme des Garçons, the fashion realm is where the prolific Paolo Roversi has flourished. He often returns to classic compositional techniques, in an elegant synthesis of fine art and commercial photography. Roversi’s oeuvre spans decades, having nearly trademarked the 8 x 10 film and Polaroids before a necessary transition to the digital camera. His monochromatic portraits are often marked by a grainy background, long exposure, and an ethereal use of natural light to create an acute sense of intimacy between the viewer and a myriad of gorgeous women--unmediated by the camera’s presence, yet somehow omnipresent.

Art Out: Tabitha Soren “Surface Tension”

Our electronic devices have become an extension to our body, and we stare into the screens of our iPads, phones,and laptops for hours a day. They are lit up and crammed with images, emails and a million ingenious ways to distract, entertain and connect us to individuals not physically near to us. However, take a moment now and look at the surface of your phone. Take note of the smudges and fingerprints, dotted and swiped about. What do the patterns tell you?