It was never my goal to be a photographer. I came into fashion and photography as an outsider. I came from being in the music industry for many years. It wasn’t something I pursued di- rectly, I picked it up late and took it where it led me, which was fashion.

#WHM Collier Schorr

Maybe as I get older, I am driven by some combination of things. If the model brings an identity, I'm interested. And if they are open to playing a role, I'm equally open. I’m not a huge director. I enjoy watching.

The Cheeky Shag: The Island

The volcanic rocks stretched out like a moonless night and the waves rushed at the edge, retreating after they licked the tips of stone. She was a golden ray upon a shore of coal, her skin reflected the sun, calling to him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

#WHM Valérie Belin

The specificities of the medium have always been very important in my work and today the medium of photography is digital. It allows greater freedom in regards to abstraction.

#WHM Sarah Charlesworth

As the artist rejects the label of photographer, it’s important for the viewer to examine her work as a conceptual or theoretical exercise. That’s not to diminish her works aesthetics, in fact it is as important to label the artist ‘photographer’ and enjoy her color fields and objects.