The Symbiosis of Art and Food

We experience our basic necessities every day, and, due to these often-occurring interactions, it is inevitable that we transform them into being more meaningful and pleasurable. This is the reason for the strong connection between food and art.

India Gives Voice to Trans Community

India’s complicated relationship with the LGBTQ+ community has been a long standing battle that is slowly progressing. In order to create more tolerance, non profit initiative The Kitab has created India’s very first transgender arts festival. For a country whose political stance on the subject is so oppressive, having a festival like this is a risk – but it’s one worth taking. 

July Fourth

July Fourth: Historically a Day of Celebration, But What Exactly Are We Celebrating?
July fourth is historically one of America’s most nationalistic holidays -- people look forward to the leisure of family get-togethers. But of course, this political climate is now something that, to many, does not feel this country should only be celebrated.

Moving Art Into the Digital Space with Intaglio

As the digital space continues to grow exponentially, the newest addition to this space is art. Intaglio, the company behind a groundbreaking new digital program, strives to close the gap between auction houses, buyers and artists by placing “tags” on artwork that contain block chains.

Americans and Their Flags

With the combination of the polarized political stances of the U.S and the progression of online activism, people have been publically destroying the American flag by stepping on and burning it on social media. Destroying the flag has become a form of protest for the injustices that minorities in this country still endure today.

"People Are Not Statistics"

Suicide isn’t an occupational hazard. The feeling of isolation and helplessness that leads to suicide is one only a fraction of the people can relate to. Being a photo-based magazine, we were curious to hear the stories of some of our colleagues, see what they had to say, and try to understand how they felt.

MARKUS BRUNETTI: The Perfectionist

Structures that do not count as a direct requirement for life, but show that humans have learned to think beyond the limits of their life. Holy houses were built large and significant to amaze “the masses.” That works in the Middle Ages, where the masses could neither read nor write and did not have a TV.

Embracing Queer Children

There once was a time when convention was law. People thought that certain traditions concerning gender and sexual identity needed to be upheld because, until recently, that had been the norm. If a boy was drawn to extravagant outfits and liked to apply make-up, he would be labeled as weird.

In the News: Detention Centers

It is likely to affect people of color who are entering the county illegally more frequently than white immigrants seeking asylum. No matter who it affects, it is an abhorrent policy that will have lasting effects on all those who are its victims.

Photography for Flyers

An increasing amount of airports are choosing to combat the stress of flying with art installations and galleries for passengers. Photography exhibits in particular have sprung up as a popular way to ‘see’ a region, and San Francisco International Airport is taking the lead in providing such opportunities.

JEHAD NGA: the Corrupted

The glitchy, colour corrupted images that make up Jehad Nga’s The Green Book Project seem like they have been pulled off of a destroyed hard drive. Images that were forced from the unwilling grasp of some digital purgatory and thrust into the light of day.

Masculinity in Queer Spaces

It is important to acknowledge the pull between the way that masculinity is supposed to be presented by those assigned male at birth and the way that they live their lives, which might mean exhibiting traditionally feminine characteristics or continuing to embrace masculinity even as they identify as female.