The Archives: Olivo Barbieri

I am interested in the genius loci, the sense of place. I try to learn in a way in which place can be apt to imagine or understand the future.  I used helicopters and an eighty megapixel camera. In order to get the permit to fly over the Alps, I had to use Alpine Rescue Team helicopters.

Woman Crush: Daisy Korpics

"I minored in psychology and I was very interested in “unconscious flow”, which is when artists become so focused on the process of making work that it almost becomes an unconscious act. This consumption of focus on the photograph helps take away the focus on the panic.

The Archives: Luis Gispert

There was a 2 year gap after undergrad, which was great because I got to travel and work, make art, but also live, and I started making objects again. I was making small films but I started making sculptures again, and thats what led me into graduate school.

Women Crush Wednesday: Sandra Klein

"The template I used in Embittered Heart was especially influenced by two things: my having lived in Mexico and been engrossed for many years with Latin American imagery and literature; and my love of gardening.  The intertwining of the wounded human heart and plants thus began."

Current Feature: Ralph Eugene Meatyard

The critic Roland Barthes once wrote that “photography touches art not through painting but through theater,” reminding us that before Daguerre presented his silver-coated plates to the French Academy of Sciences, he was known as a proprietor of a Diorama theater, a popular Parisian spectacle of lights and painterly backdrops. The dramatic stage is implicit in the camera’s frame.