Spring Equinox

It is now time to put an end to, yet again, cancelling plans and instead snuggling under the covers with your heat-radiating beau. The time has come to take off the handcuffs and step back into the social arena. It’s Spring Equinox today, and your 2019 starts now. 

Home Page: Interview with Molly Soda

Molly Soda: I’ve always been drawn to private spaces and the bedroom as a backdrop. The bedroom is where we connect with each other virtually and I love being able to get a glimpse of that when I’m online. The desktop in some ways is like the second bedroom for me, housing all of my clutter and intimate thoughts.

St. Patty's

In the fifth century, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, infamously banished snakes into the sea and righteously doused Christianity over the pagan country, evangelizing thousands. His name has been made known internationally and, following his death on March 17 in the year 461, has been memorialized and celebrated with greatly-known holiday St. Patrick’s Day.

Mercury in Retrograde

If you’ve been feeling like your thoughts are jumbled, you can’t articulate yourself, and you feel like you just got a punch in the gut, it’s probably because Mercury just went into retrograde. While this happens every 88 days, it creates mayhem for people, and if you think you’re not subjected to this, think again.

Remembering Vivian Cherry

Photographing the inhabitants of the city back in the 40s and 50s, Vivian Cherry was one of the first female street photographers to capture the thronging masses going to and fro the island of Manhattan. Though Cherry passed away on March 4 in her home of Albuquerque at 98, her images of New York City of halcyon days remain iconic.

An Interview with Nick Brandt

What made you want to study photography and art? Nick: I didn’t study photography at art college (I wish I had). I only came to photography when I realized that it was the best medium for me to be able to express my feelings about animals, the natural world, and the destruction of both at the hands of humans. 

Walk through Spring/Break Art Show with Musée

SPRING/BREAK Art Show is an internationally recognized exhibition platform using underused, atypical and historic New York City exhibition spaces to activate and challenge the traditional cultural landscape of the art market, typically but not exclusively during Armory Arts Week. The eighth annual exhibition will be held from March 5th  – March 11th, 2019.