Brexit: Really?

In the wake of Brexit, the art community is dealing with the consequences of potentially closed borders. In an attempt to move their art into countries in the European Union before the potential “No Deal” scheduled for March 29, artists scramble to get their art across the country lines.

Happy Musée Day!

From National Puppy Day to National Waffle Day, there are plenty of unofficial holidays to celebrate all the little things that make our lives a bit more worth living for. Today, March 26, is National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. So from all of us here at Musée: Happy Musée Day!

Justice for Sandy Hook

It has been 9 years since the massacre at Sandy Hook that revolutionised the public perception of American gun control laws. Yet many choose to ignore the spilt blood in favour of defending the dusty Second Amendment with a-near religious fervour.

Thinking Aloud: Interview with Mary Reid and Patrick Kelly

Mary Reid Kelley: We've been together since 2002, but we didn't start working together until 2008. We've been collaborating together for ten years, so it's been a slow roll towards this full collaboration together. When we started making films together it was just under my name, but gradually Pat's involvement became much more significant and we started crediting him over the years.

Spring Equinox

It is now time to put an end to, yet again, cancelling plans and instead snuggling under the covers with your heat-radiating beau. The time has come to take off the handcuffs and step back into the social arena. It’s Spring Equinox today, and your 2019 starts now. 

Home Page: Interview with Molly Soda

Molly Soda: I’ve always been drawn to private spaces and the bedroom as a backdrop. The bedroom is where we connect with each other virtually and I love being able to get a glimpse of that when I’m online. The desktop in some ways is like the second bedroom for me, housing all of my clutter and intimate thoughts.

St. Patty's

In the fifth century, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, infamously banished snakes into the sea and righteously doused Christianity over the pagan country, evangelizing thousands. His name has been made known internationally and, following his death on March 17 in the year 461, has been memorialized and celebrated with greatly-known holiday St. Patrick’s Day.

Mercury in Retrograde

If you’ve been feeling like your thoughts are jumbled, you can’t articulate yourself, and you feel like you just got a punch in the gut, it’s probably because Mercury just went into retrograde. While this happens every 88 days, it creates mayhem for people, and if you think you’re not subjected to this, think again.