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Woman Crush Wednesday: Heide Hatry

To really understand that we have a few years on this planet and that then everything will be totally over is just too painful for most of us, and since death is unavoidable, it seems to be easier, and maybe more practical, to avoid thinking about at it.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Holly Andres

When I gaze through the camera, I try to think like a painter and consider every aspect of the composition – the colors and textures of the fabrics, the value contrasts of the lighting, the position of the objects and characters, and the dynamic between the figure and ground.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Simone Rosenbauer

Originally the idea of Like Ice in the Sunshine came to me on a hot and sunny day at Bondi Beach, while I was observing other sunbathers. With my artist residency in Venice Beach, I could find further observations and inspirations. Sydney and Los Angeles are both situated on almost the same latitude, which also allowed me to shoot in similar sunlight. 

Woman Crush Wednesday: Melissa Spitz

Melissa Spitz is a working photographer from St. Louis, Missouri, who is now based in New York City. In her series You Have Nothing To Worry About, Melissa photographs her mother, who struggles with ever-changing diagnoses of mental illness and substance-abuse. 

Woman Crush Wednesday: An Debie

I don’t know if I can say that the project changed me, but it was very interesting to see how it came to life and lived with me during the past year and how much of my experiences and feelings were translated into it, often subconsciously.