Ruven Afanador: Ángel Gitano at Throckmorton Fine Art

Images above: Ruven Afanador, Eduardo Guerrero Gonzales. "Cortijo Santa Teresa de Hornia", Osuna, España 2012; Miguel Flores, "El Capullo de Jerez". El Cortijo de la Sierra, El Cuervo, Sevilla, España 2011. Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art.

Throckmorton Fine Art just opened their fourth exhibition of Ruven Afanador photographs, titled  Ángel Gitano – The Men of Flamenco. Spencer says, “We are thrilled to be the first to show the extraordinary images in the stunning new book, Ángel Gitano–The Men of Flamenco. Ruven has a unique point of view and these powerful, provocative photographs underscore his ability to delight and seduce viewers with their passionate depiction of the musical world of flamenco. They are a welcome next step is his study of flamenco after the successful publication of Mil Besos, which lent a new perspective to the amazing sensuality of female flamenco dancers.”

_MG_1292Image by Paula Rey Jiménez

 Ángel Gitano was designed by acclaimed art director Mary Shanahan, with an introduction contributed by Academy Award-winning film icon Diane Keaton. The hardcover edition features 244 metallic edged pages, 142 black and white photographs, deluxe dimensions of 11 x 14, and a French-fold jacket. It will retail for $95.

Ángel Gitano –The Men of Flamenco was shot by Afanador in very high contrast under the white bright light of Andalusia, providing a compelling and often irreverent portrayal of the indomitable vitality of generations of larger-than-life gypsies, heirs to the soulful song and dance that evolved for centuries in the cultural lushness of the Iberian tradition. Afanador adroitly juxtaposes primal archetypes with breathtaking young dancers from contemporary companies who, sinuous and lissome, enrich the imagery with an exquisitely sensual bravura.

With Ángel Gitano, Afanador continues to confront long-held definitions of beauty and traditional boundaries of gender in an extravagant display of imagination with an intensely personal language of gorgeous shadow and light.


4Ruven Afanador, Dancers: Conservatorio Profesional de Danza. "Antonio Ruiz Soler", "El Cortijo de la Sierra", El Cuervo, Sevilla, España 2o11. Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art.


5Ruven Afanador, Daniel Strada Torres and Jacob Guerrero Buzon, "El Cortijo de la Sierra", El Cuervo, Sevilla, España, 2011. Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art.
Image by Paula Rey Jiménez
_MG_1295Image by Paula Rey Jiménez
_MG_1376-Edit-2Maddalena Arcelloni at Throckmorton Fine Art. Image by Paula Rey Jiménez


afanador duo 2Ruven Afanador, Dancers: Ballet Nacional de España, Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, Compañía Antonio Gades, & Compañía Sara Baras. "Cortijo Alcala", Osuna, España, 2013  ; Gabriel Moginot, New York City, NY, 2013. Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art.


Image by Paula Rey Jiménez
afandor duo 3Images by Paula Rey Jiménez


The exhibition will be at the Gallery from November 6th 2014 – February 28th, 2015 



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