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Book Review: Edward Weston: The Early Years

A child of the late 1800s, Weston played a part in revolutionizing early American photography. However, Weston’s earliest works, shot in the first two decades of his life, have almost entirely been destroyed. Dissatisfied with his original photographs, Weston burned the majority of his prints as well as their negatives. It was a mistake he later regretted deeply. However, now, thanks to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and their work in recovering images from his lost daybooks, a set of his rare, untouched images have been made available to the public.

Book Review: America's Stage: Times Square

A roiling epicenter of human interaction, akin to the moments leading up to the big bang, Times Square is a dizzying dance of people engaged in a constant gush of movement. In Betsy Karel’s America’s Stage: Times Square, tourists, hawkers, masquerading characters, lovers of free speech, brides and grooms are pictured in black and white streaming and weaving through the busy streets.

Book Review: Beautiful America

Hungover, Jerry Berndt’s Beautiful America picks up after the 60’s when the summer of love’s aftermath burned-out into post-Vietnam trauma, scarring the unfortunate soldiers stripped away from their lives and the empirical thought of “what’s next”.