Ruven Afanador at Instituto Cervantes

“This is how I imagined Flamenco. When I was a boy in Colombia, I had friends who went to Spain and came back with fantastic stories about their experiences. This exhibition is what I imagined they saw from those stories”  Ruven Afanador The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly… these are only some of the media outlets that have published the photographs of renowned Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador. On this occasion, we enjoyed his latest short film, Ángel Gitano, as well as his conversation with Juan José Herrera de la Muela, Cónsul for Cultural Affairs in NY. A unique opportunity to get acquainted with Ruven Afanador’s surreal and idiosyncratic view of the world of flamenco.





In the following link you can watch the film:


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