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The Cheeky Shag: The Island

The volcanic rocks stretched out like a moonless night and the waves rushed at the edge, retreating after they licked the tips of stone. She was a golden ray upon a shore of coal, her skin reflected the sun, calling to him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

The Cheeky Shag: Sofia

If you’ve ever had one of those nights where you wake up with a tattooed stomach, pierced lip, and a walk that feels like you just rode a stallion for miles, well you probably did, and you know how I feel right now.

The Cheeky Shag: Leda

Leda wasn’t sure if she should be fearful or wary but the soft feel of feathers grazing her skin was relaxing and she couldn’t help but be drawn to the creature’s gracefulness and air of sensuality and to finally give into desire. The freedom she felt in that moment was liberating, intoxicating, and arousing.