The Cheeky Shag: Stockholm

The Cheeky Shag: Stockholm

By Baylee McKeel

They call it Stockholm syndrome. That’s the term when kindnappee develops feelings for kidnapper. I’m not sure if a term exists for the opposite, maybe it’s so rare that they never bothered coming up with one. I’m sure my unlucky captor didn’t expect it to happen to him when he zip-tied me, gagged me, and threw me in the trunk of his car. 

I know, sounds kinky right?

That’s what I thought.

I thought this had to be one of my Tinder hook ups trying to add some spice into the relationship so I would stop ghosting his ass. After the hour-long drive I started getting suspicious. But, I’m not the type to freak out; the dumbass didn’t even bother to blindfold me. He probably thought the 5’ 2’’ girl weighing a total of 102 lbs wearing a slinky black dress and 4 inch heels outside the nightclub didn’t pose much of a threat. He obviously had no idea that he was dealing with a certified con artist who had conned her way into the club for free. When we reached our destination I knew I had the deceptive upper hand. We were waiting on something or someone in a run down warehouse, all alone. It was pretty easy really; it was more difficult to explain to the police afterwards. All it took was a crossing of the legs, a shift of the dress, a slight flash of my red lace underwear, and a hint that my bra might match had I been wearing one.

I played into the bound and gagged thing too, of course.

I pushed against the zip ties behind my back, forcing my chest forward and my breasts to the very edge of the thin black fabric. Eyeing him up and down, I mumbled something incoherent and he predictably took the gag from my mouth. I licked my lips, slowly tracing my tongue around the edges of my mouth. He looked around trying to decide what actions he could take before whoever or whatever he was waiting on showed up. “You know, I like the ties but I could be more hands on with them off.”

He paused, thinking over his options.I put on the most convincing big eyed, take me now and don’t stop, look I could. “I really shouldn’t…” His desire was palpable.

“Oh, I thought you were more naughty than that…” Doubting a man’s ego is a way to get them to do practically anything.

“Oh?” he smirked again as he cut the ties from behind my back.

“Yeah…” I enticed, shaking my hands free and sliding them up his thigh.

I could feel him pulsing underneath my fingers.

I had him right where I wanted him, vulnerable and unsuspecting of the vice grip I was about to release, crushing his tiny dick along with any hope of future sexual enjoyment. Then the police showed up.   

Rest In Peace Ren Hang

Rest In Peace Ren Hang

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