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Woman Crush Wednesday: Simone Rosenbauer

Originally the idea of Like Ice in the Sunshine came to me on a hot and sunny day at Bondi Beach, while I was observing other sunbathers. With my artist residency in Venice Beach, I could find further observations and inspirations. Sydney and Los Angeles are both situated on almost the same latitude, which also allowed me to shoot in similar sunlight. 

Sandy Skoglund: The Deliberate Schizoid

I was deliberately trying to make images that were commercially uncommercial. I looked carefully at advertising photography, which was very specialized, slick, contrived, and polished. I decided to work that look and feel into my own studio constructions by using a large format camera and elaborate lighting setups.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Melissa Spitz

Melissa Spitz is a working photographer from St. Louis, Missouri, who is now based in New York City. In her series You Have Nothing To Worry About, Melissa photographs her mother, who struggles with ever-changing diagnoses of mental illness and substance-abuse.