Musee's tech expert Jonathan Morse: iPhone 6 Vs. pocket cameras.

With the widely acclaimed arrival of truly pocket sized cameras like  the Sony RX100, now in its third iteration, and  its imitators by Lumix, (LX100) and Canon, (GX-7), might be forgiven for assuming that the small pocket camera has finally come of age.
Now our East End correspondent, Sag Harbor's senior teenager, says NOT!
The first kid on the block with an iPhone 6 Plus, he maintains that cameras are strictly for old people even if they do connect wirelessly to the internet!
This recent shot, "Leaving Sag Harbor in October" suggests that his normal hyperbole may not be entirely out of place,(for once).
He points out that for a device to earn a place in his immaculately tailored vest pocket, it has to do a great deal more than simply take pictures.
Texts, emails, GPS navigation on land and water, tuning violins, watching TV, weather radar, leveling pictures, identifying planets in the night sky, taking dictation in foreign languages while simultaneously translating, doing financial calculations, and so forth, are a bit more like it.
Making phone calls can be  useful as well, especially on the boat.

Read Jonathan's interview with Steve Miller here.

Jonathan Morse

A graduate of Harvard College and The Harvard Graduate School of Design, Jonathan Morse has been an active photographer for over sixty years. He lives in Sag Harbor where he works as a professional photographer, graphic designer and the publisher of Morse Books. In addition to his collection of 190 film cameras, he is known locally as an enthusiastic Ducatista, and a pretty effective bass fisherman on an evening tide at the Race, or so they say.

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