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Musée Magazine No. 2 interviews two guest artists whose works are often perceived around the issue of fear. Andres Serrano, once accused of taunting the American people, is an ever-evolving artist who shows us the ordinary in extraordinary ways. Fearless himself, Serrano constantly tests the boundaries through shocking imagery, often dealing with provocative subjects like religion, sexuality and social issues. Second guest artist, Trevor Paglen, whose work is greatly influenced by his scientific and artistic background, is interested in photography as a means of truth telling. The latest issue also includes an engaging profile on the Director of the Brooklyn Museum, Arnold Lehman, and an interview with seasoned photography collector Vicente Wolf. Finally, Musée Magazine No. 2 is proud to platform 72 new emerging photographers; 3 featured Editors Picks by Levi Jackson, Loli Mass, and Dana Goldstein; and 3 emerging creative writers, Dmitry Kiper, Kelly Aronowitz, and Diane Echer