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The wait is over! Paying homage to women artists, we are proud to present issue 13, our biggest issue yet. With thirty-nine established photographers, and fifty-five emerging artists, Women, is an extensive and expansive celebration of sundry perspectives and aesthetic concerns. Seducing us towards the world of femininity, Collier Shorr’s salient portrait of a bare-skinned woman evokes mystery and intrigue. This issue features artwork from feminist activists; the Guerrilla Girls , who use their provoking graphic-art to advocate against discrimination towards women in the art world, as well as the eloquent and poetic work of Sara VanDerBeek. From Zanele Muholi’s stark self-portraits to Yoon Ji Seon’s exquisitely stitched self-portraits, this issue celebrates the many diverse perspectives of women through their art. As Ann Hamilton puts it best; “my experience is as a female body. I think that has everything to do with the work, even if it’s not the subject of the work.”

Featuring work from; Anna Bella Geiger, Brigitte Lacombe, Bunny Yeager, Candida Höfer, Corinne Vionnet, Elene Usdin, Erica Baum, Gerda Taro & Lee Miller, Grete Stern, Heide Hatry, Jean Pagliuso, Jonna Kina, Kelly Klein, Karine Laval, Laetitia Soulier, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Laura Israel, Libby Edelman, Lillian Bassman, Lorna Simpson, Olivia Bee, Petra Collins, Paola Pivi, Rineke Dijkstra, Sarah Charlesworth, Sharon Core, Tina Barney, Valérie Belin, Masumi Kura, as well as industry insiders; Ali Subotnick, Deborah Sigmund, Linda Yablonsky and Cindy Gallop. This issue also features a selection of artists guest curated by Elisabeth Biondi.


Musée's 12th issue showcases artists that deal with a wide range of issues. Each piece resonates with the current state of the world on multiple levels that defy traditional categorization, for example, Barbara Kruger . The issue also features Gordon Parks , whose photo essay "The Restraints: Open and Hidden"studies segregation, Robert Mapplethorpe , the master photographer, who explores homosexuality and erotism, and JR , whose work is displayed at Ellis Island. Also included are interviews with Edmund Clark , Jess Dugan , Joel-Peter Witkin , Tomas Van Houtryve , Kay Chernush , Ken Gonzales-Day , Neil DaCosta , Dina Goldstein , Erik Ravelo , Edward Lachman and Adam Harvey . Fred Ritchin and Catherine J. Morris are the industry insiders while Sebastian Junger shares his perspective as a journalist. Guest curator Marilyn Minter provides work from Sandy Kim and Hank Willis Thomas . "Controversy"also spotlights work by Anthony Fernandez , Richard Mosse , Jen Davis and Thomas Struth . This issue also presents the work of 22 emerging artists.


We have been looking in Musee's mirror, and we are quite pleased with what we see. Hope you are, too! In our Masters section, we explore the pages of Jacques Henri Lartigue diary, as well as his iconic images. We also have invited Catherine Opie not only as an artist, but also as our guest editor to curate her own selection of women photographers who created original work for the issue. Featuring work from artists: Richard Prince, John Waters, Terry Richardson , Katy Grannan , Olivier Zahm , William Wegman , Philip Toledano , Sandro Miller , Andrew Bush , Yasumasa Morimura , and Jessica Craig-Martin . Exclusive interviews and insights from industry insiders: Valerie Steele , Peter Hort , Mark Lubell , and Maurizio Pellegrin . And great work from emerging artists, as well!


This issue has been a long time coming, and the result is an epic book length magazine that is worth making a part of your ritual. We have continued our Masters section with The Bechers , and invited two guest artists to curate their own selections of exemplary photography that typifies ritual. Featuring work from artists: Adam Magyar , Christian Boltanski , Harold Lee Miller , Hrvoje Slovenc, Jemima Stehli a>, John Cyr, Kathy Ryan, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson and Buy Now


What is your ritual? Do you have to drink a matcha latte before you can even think about working? Do you fast for days to ensure your mind is sharp? Musée is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Ritual, our tenth issue, the largest and most comprehensive yet which we divided into two volumes. Our curators are the team of Oliver Chanarin & Adam Broomberg and Hank Willis Thomas . Featuring work from artists: Ashley Bickerton , Celia Shapiro , Juergun Teller , Lili Almog , Liu Bolin , Lori Nix , Matt Lipps , Roger Ballen and Sergei Vasiliev . With interviews and insights from industry insiders: Julia Kaglanski and Michelle Broges .

Musée No. 9

What is temptation? In this issue we hope to uncover what fuels our desire and overthrows our rational mental faculties. Featuring artists Marilyn Minter , Arne Svenson , Hassan Hajjaj , Taryn Simon , Wendy Small , Kohei Yoshiyuki and other emerging and established photographers as well as art book publisher Gerhard Steidl , this issue presents the photographs and insight of some of the art world's greatest tempters. New to this issue we are highlighting the work of Slim Aarons as the first installment in our Master Photographer series, and have invited Mona Kuhn to be our guest curator.

Musée No. 8 Volume 2

Continuing with the idea of volume 1 we are excited to present a selection of art work and exclusive interviews of established artists, photographers and 'industry insiders' which include Laurie Simmons , Thomas Demand , Anne Pasternak , Mariko Mori , Sophie Calle , Simen Johan , Paola Pivi , Kyle Dewoody , Penelope Umbrico , Sarah Anne Johnson , Jean-Jacques Naudet , Jerry Ulesmann, Zachary Drucker and Rhys Ernst , Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz . This issue also presents the work of 24 emerging artists.

Musée No. 8 Volume 1

Fantasy; it's an idea full of wonder, hope and danger. The allure of fantasy is represented by this volume's artists in many forms and through varied techniques and inventive imagery, proving that the creative possibilities of photography are boundless. We are excited to feature a selection of art work and exclusive interviews of established artists, photographers and 'industry insiders' which include Didier Massard, Daniel Gordon , Laurent Chehere , Slater Bradley , Thomas Wrede , Zoe Crosher , David Levinthal , Thomas Struth , Sondra Gilman , Chris Boot and Julian Frydman .

Musée No. 7 Volume 2

In the second installation Musée’s 7th issue, Energy, we proudly feature a selection of interviews and profiles of established artists and photographers Nick Cave , Curtis Mann , Edward Burtynsky , Fern Mallis , Doug Rickard , David Molander , Raymond Learsey , Ori Gersht and Steve Miller . Musée’s 7th issue brings to light the diversity inherent in the nature of energy, and how one perceives where it comes from, what it means and how it exists within ourselves and the world around us. Each artist’s work yields unique aspects of the essence of energy.