Fuchs Projects Holiday Show


Fuchs Projects Holiday Show


Antoinette Johnson and Shane Burzynski

Maiko Fronteddu

Gallery goers

Friend of Rafael

Artsy people

Requisite gallery dog

Art by Petros Chrisostomou

Rafael Fuchs and Lior Barak

Rafael Fuchs and friend

Ivy Castellanos from IV Soldiers

Bushwick's latest gallery, Fuchs Projects, celebrated nearly six months of unique art and photography exhibits by throwing a festive holiday bash and multimedia art event last month. Having opened just this past July, Fuchs Projects focuses on emerging and mid-career artists, and has thus far presented the work of photographers such as Worm Carnivale, Phil Knott, and, of course, Rafael Fuchs himself.

The night featured a DJ, drinks, art books, and plenty of red Santa hats. Meanwhile, in the 'It's A Small World' department, a wall in the back room showcased the intricate photography of past MUSEÉ Photo of the Week winner, Petros Chrisostomou.

The Israeli-born Fuchs first gained notoriety for his unique self portraits during his tenure in the Israeli army in the 1980's. He went on to photograph a multitude of prominent celebrities, including Colin Powell and a shirtless Geraldo Rivera. His Brooklyn-based project, Bushwick Yearbook, is a testament to an ongoing love affair with the neighborhood in which he lives and works.

Since he also happens to be a very nice guy, he took a moment to answer a few questions for us.


MUSEÉ: Three words that describe the vibe of the Fuchs Project?

FUCHS: Fresh, Innovative, Challenging.

MUSEÉ: Are there any emerging photographers we should be looking out for this year?

FUCHS: I can tell you that 2013 will be an important year for Petros Chrisostomou.

MUSEÉ: What's next for you and your gallery?

FUCHS: More innovative artwork, displayed in nontraditional ways (in comparison to most photography galleries), as well as a couple of shows that will include paintings. In terms of my own work, you should expect two different shows, one of which will celebrate 30 years since I completed my body of work in Israel. I'm also planning on self-publishing three books this coming year — hopefully at least one of them will find a publishing house. I know it will be a busy year !


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