NYAA: "Take Home a Nude"


NYAA: "Take Home a Nude" Sotheby's - 10.18.12


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The festive atmosphere at Sotheby's 21st Annual Take Home A Nude auction was marked by cabaret performers on stilts and a wandering 'ringmaster' singing parodies of Madonna songs. The auction featured over 150 works (not necessarily nudes) from artists such as Yoko Ono and Francesco Clemente, who was also the guest of honor.

Attendees like Brooke Shields, Daniel Boulud and Padma Lakshmi took in artwork during two-hours of cocktails and silent auctions on the 10th floor before finally heading off to dinner. Liev Shrieber and Naomi Watts were in high demand by photographers and journalists, who were drawn to her classically-styled dress from Victoria Beckham's 2012 collection.

Meanwhile, street artist and Source writer Royce Bannon wore a funky Mishka NYC button down shirt with a dinosaur pattern, and Olivier Zahm, ever the party boy, stopped to take a photo of himself kissing my shoulder tattoo. In short, the night offered something there for everyone -- even if you had to leave without a $30,000 nude.

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