Foster Mickley: Revelations at Munch Gallery

Image above: Foster Mickley, Revelations, There is Paradise 4.5x7 feet, 2014. Image Courtesy of Munch Gallery.


Munch Gallery is presenting Revelations, the first solo exhibition of New York photographer Foster Mickley. The exhibition is a selection of photographs created in 2014, ranging in scale from 7x11 inches to 4.5x7 feet.

There is a presence in each piece, which carries a nearly impossible connection. It may be momentary, but always true and consequential. Mickley falls into the people he photographs with grace and admiration, and the immediate bond unburdens the space between photographer and subject. The story is restored, and endures in the context of the viewer. Sailors gathered in white perfection. An impossible twirl through a tunnel. A touch completed behind city nights. A face breathing inside love. The New York within the photographs is possibility, mystery, and wonder.

Foster Mickley attended Medill School of Journalism (2010-2012), where he received a Master of Science specializing in Photojournalism. He is a Master of Fine Art candidate at Columbia University (2013-), and an instructor in cross-disciplinary art with Columbia Artists as Teachers. Between 2012 and 2014 he travelled extensively, photographing Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe, and America. He returned to a residency at Brooklyn Arts Studio, where he learned studio portraiture using a Daguerreotype process, collaborating with Joachim Manuel Riederer and creating a portrait series of ballerinas. He has lived and worked in New York City, Chicago, and Berlin.


The artist, Foster Mickley


At Munch Gallery


At Munch Gallery


At Munch Gallery

On view: November 21 - December 21
All Opening images by Paula Rey Jimenez

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