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Exhibition Review: Klea McKenna-Generation

The first time you’re taken to a museum, you’re told “look with your eyes, not with your hands.” While this has undoubtedly saved several priceless works from the destructive combination of hyperactive children and gravity, something is inevitably lost in that distance between the art and the audience. As a medium, photography itself can be particularly susceptible to this problem; the image becomes smooth and glossy, flattened into something to be named and defined by the eye behind the camera.

Exhibition Review: John Chiara - Pike Slip to Sugar Hill

Stepping into Yossi Milo Gallery,  enormous prints hang, drawing eyes into colorful imagery in a minimalist setting of white walls and black floors.

John Chiara’s Pike Slip to Sugar Hill showcases iconic imagery of New York City: fire escapes, apartment windows, skyscrapers; without relying on iconic buildings in the city. This technique presents an anonymous and filtered view of the city life that has become recognizable and familiar in a day to day basis.