Animal World at Umbrella Arts

Image above: Chae Kihn,   Easter Day Parade, New York City, 2012


1Image above: © Sang Ha Park


Umbrella Arts presented Animal World, a group exhibition of 46 photographs conveying an appreciation of the joys and difficulties experienced by animals in the absurd predicament of domestication. Animals are pictured in environments from homes to zoos, from city streets to rural farms, from natural habitats to the ends of the earth, with and without man. Also offered is a beautiful art book of the photographs in the show. The exhibition will be on view through November 28, 2015.

Liza_Hennessey-Botkin-Close Relations,1982Image above: © Liza Hennessey-Botkin Close Relations, 1982 / courtesy of Umbrella Arts


Since opening in April 2006, Umbrella Arts presents new talent in an intimate art space, where curatorial experimentation creates exhibitions and events that share the work of today's artists.

Dog and OwnerIuri Kothe Dog and Owner Look Alike, 2013 / courtesy of Umbrella Arts
Julie_Hamel-Liam & Booger, 2014Julie Hamel Liam & Booger, 2014 / courtesy of Umbrella Arts

Sixth Annual Voss Foundation Women Helping Women New York Luncheon

Ilit Azoulay at Andrea Meislin Gallery