Image Above: Susan Copich, Mother's Day, 2014, Courtesy of Umbrella Arts

  Umbrella Arts is pleased to present Domestic Bliss, an exhibition of nineteen color photographs by artist Susan Copich. Turning the camera on herself, Copich uses American proverbs, idioms and old biblical sayings as a gateway to live vicariously through the characters engaged in finding their own Domestic Bliss.


Susan Copich draws on her own personal experiences and emotions to find inspiration for the storyboard in each domestic, set-up, and scene. “I dwell in the dark thoughts and recesses of my mind to create character and subject.” Consequently, each photograph in the “Domestic Bliss” series delivers what Susan calls a “twist of darkness”, challenging our usual perception of everyday family life. Copich seeks “to navigate both my own personal imperatives as woman, artist, mother, and wife, as well as those – personal, social, and cultural -that are imposed on me by others."


Susan Copich, Anger Management, 2013; Susan Copich, Take Two, 2012 Courtesy of Umbrella Arts

Spilt Milk1-

Susan Copich, Split Milk, 2010, Courtesy of Umbrella Arts


Susan Copich, Old Habits, 2011; Susan Copich, Mommy Time, 2013, Courtesy of Umbrella Arts



Photographs from the opening by Xiaofeng Li

November 5- November 29, 2014

Umbrella Arts Gallery 317 East 9th Street (between 1st & 2nd Avenues), New York, NY    212.505.7196 Thurs-Sat 1:00–6:00pm; and by appointment



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