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#WHM Sarah Charlesworth

As the artist rejects the label of photographer, it’s important for the viewer to examine her work as a conceptual or theoretical exercise. That’s not to diminish her works aesthetics, in fact it is as important to label the artist ‘photographer’ and enjoy her color fields and objects.

#WHM Sharon Core

One can't photograph something that doesn't first exist in reality; so, it is necessary for me to bring the objects into existence. This led me to growing old varieties of fruits and flowers that are not available in the contemporary marketplace.

#WHM Grete Stern

Though Stern had always championed the cause of women, her proto-feminist self was unleashed with Sueños. She infused sympathy, dark humor and playful irony in her photomontages as she visualized the subconscious narratives of these women.

#WHM Olivia Bee

I think part of it is really amazing that there is so much content that is being created, so much weird shit because everybody is making stuff all the time. The thing is, if I was a photographer 20 years ago, when it wasn’t this normal for people to photograph everything, I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing.

#WHM Candida Höfer

Experience has taught me which positions I like to take. I go into the space, I take a photograph, and then I go into the lab and look at the print. I work on the image until I feel it is right; then the ‘portrait’ is ready.

#WHM Erica Baum

I’m always trying to suggest that there is a voice that runs through things. For example, with the Naked Eye, the same book can generate different stories. There are these voices, and I’m looking for them. I like being surprised.

#WHM Rineke Dijkstra

I like surprises, and in The Gymschool especially, they could do things with their bodies that I could never have imagined. You have to know in advance more or less where you're headed; but at the same time, you have to give ideas a chance to grow and leave room for whatever happens in the moment.

#WHM Petra Collins

It’s hard growing up in a world where you don’t feel represented, and you don’t see your image anywhere. That’s what I try to do: create images for people who don’t see themselves in the world.