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Women Crush Wednesday: Danna Singer

Yes, definitely. I felt such a sense of responsibility and in my community,  pride is motivating force in most everything. I didn’t want to embarrass anyone but I also wanted to make images that were true to the feeling of a place, a person and my experience within it.  As the work deals with difficult issues like abuse, and addiction, living in that head space took an enormous emotional toll

Women Crush Wednesday: Alena Zhandarova

I was looking for the natural and flexible faces, to which I was drawn. Firstly I came to their houses, we got acquainted, drank tea and speak about something. Later on we began to seek the background and clothes after the first voltage subsided. Usually I’m shooting in a silence using only gestures.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Maïmouna Guerresi

In the course of my work I have developed different themes but with a common concept which is the affirmation of women's spirituality. In my work, often I represent the image of the African Muslim woman (with which I identify myself spiritually) as a strong and powerful woman and not submissive and dejected as she is often shown by the Western media.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Isabel Magowan

And from there we make stories, recall something deep in our memory now passed, and we connect because the boy who we do not know, who we may even judge, made us feel for a moment. I can't overcome the representation of identity, but I can hopefully, look at the the ways in which each of us is susceptible to cultural expectations, ideals, and pressures and their internalization.