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Obituary: Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas (b. 1922), a prolific filmmaker, film critic, and docent of American avant-garde cinema — and consequently nicknamed “the godfather” of American avant-garde cinema — passed away Wednesday, January 23, at the age of 96.

Haus De la Blanca: 11th Anniversary Ballroom at The Bronx Museum For The Arts

Ball culture, the house system, the ballroom community, and similar terms describe an underground LGBTQ subculture in the United States in which people "walk" (i.e., compete) for trophies and prizes at events known as balls. Some who walk also dance; others compete in drag categories, designed to emulate other genders and social classes. Most participants in ball culture belong to groups known as “houses”

World Photo Day!

Today, August 19th, is World Photo Day: a global event to honor photography and recognize the unending list of opportunities (as well as impending possibilities) the medium bestows upon humankind. Truth be told, the ability to snap a picture and immortalize a single instant is more than a gift. It is an absolute privilege.

Elinor Carucci and "Cat Person"

Why is every woman, young or old, saying that’s my story? Why are a select number of major publications diminishing this piece’s literary notoriety, calling it an essay, and not a solid work of fiction? Why are people getting hung up on one man’s experience of being “ghosted” after a one-night stand. More succinctly, why are men and their egos missing the whole point? 

Current Feature: Alex Majoli

It is true that I have found myself in conflict zones with a camera, but this is not what my work is all about. I can say that, in the past, one of the things that pushed me to document conflicts was the exploration of human nature in situations that really push human boundaries. In times of extreme emotions, all the masks that we build for ourselves are gone.

Current Feature: Matthew Pillsbury

It really depends. Some shoots are commissioned, some are assignments, some are fine art ideas, some are a combination of all of these routes to a completed image. Permission is needed for many of my shoots that aren't in public areas and that can require a bit of groundwork beforehand. Those images tend to be conceived ahead of time with a clear approach to making them. Other times, I find myself like a street photographer on the prowl for something interesting.