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VIDEO: If It Rained an Ocean: Danna Singer's Vision of the American Landscape

For Philadelphia-based photographer Danna Singer, the themes of family and class struggles dominate her powerful photographs of the contemporary American landscape. Singer initially turned her lens on her own family, consisting of her sons and herself. Over the course of ten years and two photo series, Singer was documenting the space her small family carved for itself as the single mother was putting herself through undergraduate education. 

Ana Mendieta: The Sublime

 If they are representative of the sublime, her works are remarkably different and intersect with multiple understandings of muted fear in the face of our passing through time. Without resorting to intense magnification, Mendieta shows not (or not only) the framing of ruin, but the fact that our memory and our bodies might be (and are) misconstrued, misread, erased

Woman Crush Wednesday: Maïmouna Guerresi

In the course of my work I have developed different themes but with a common concept which is the affirmation of women's spirituality. In my work, often I represent the image of the African Muslim woman (with which I identify myself spiritually) as a strong and powerful woman and not submissive and dejected as she is often shown by the Western media.