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Woman Crush Wednesday: Ellen Carey

"I began with black & white photograms, but when I turned to color, with the photogram, I realized light, photography’s indexical, was radically different, the palette electrified the composition, whether it was expressed in muted tones or bolder hues. Color is an artist’s universe and photographic color theory (RGBYMC) photography’s planet."

Woman Crush Wednesday: Heide Hatry

To really understand that we have a few years on this planet and that then everything will be totally over is just too painful for most of us, and since death is unavoidable, it seems to be easier, and maybe more practical, to avoid thinking about at it.

Woman Crush Wednesday: An Debie

I don’t know if I can say that the project changed me, but it was very interesting to see how it came to life and lived with me during the past year and how much of my experiences and feelings were translated into it, often subconsciously.