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Besides all of its obvious firsts, World War One also saw the rise of war photojournalism. Of course, the presence of cameras on the battlefield had gone back to the American Civil War, but the cameras of these eras were too cumbersome, too delicate, and too slow to be operated in the middle of an actual conflict. Because of these limitations, most of the photos from the war focused on the aftermath of the battles; corpses posed amongst debris in an attempt to recreate the violence that had just occurred.

Haven't the Heart to Destroy This One

What form then can love take? We’re creatures hungry to qualify, to say we know, and mean it. To love someone all day-night long, to undress yourself slowly, so slowly it takes the rest of your life to lose and then to find each other, reassuring by touch and silence what no one else has ever known to exist except the two of you in that moment. Something so elusive can’t be bound by rules or form. 

Woman Crush Wednesday: Nicole Franchy

I like to think imagination is a force that can change mentalities. Working between the archive and the fictive is a way I have found over the years to somehow stretch the limits between a so called objective or imaginary construction of our natural and social worlds.