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Murder in Paris Park Highlights Shortcomings of Recent Prostitution Law

Back in the dog days of mid-August, 36-year-old Vanessa Campos was murdered in Paris’ Bois de Boulogne park.  Her death came a year-and-a-half after the French parliament government passed a law designed to both stem prostitution and protect its practitioners -  among whose ranks Campos counted herself.  A transgender woman from Peru, she was shot by thieves taking advantage of her and her john’s vulnerability in an isolated corner of the park, widely known as one of Paris’ major bazaars of prostitution.   

Exhibition Review: Eugene Richards - The Run-On of Time

In the arts, context plays various roles, be they to make sense of a work, enhance and deepen its meaning - or construct around its edifice the leaden scaffolding of useless hearsay. For instance, it may be interesting to know that Beethoven composed his 3rd symphony as a tribute to his idol, Napoleon Bonaparte, but it’s far from being essential to the listener’s experience.

Norman Classen: Horsing Around

Actually, it was kind of an around-the-clock type of thing. I had a little ad agency in Aspen. I could never quite get the photos that I wanted, and so one day I decided to just do it myself. I picked up a camera and started taking pictures, and realized I really enjoyed doing it and that I was pretty good at it.

CHANTAL FABRES: rasion d’être

I did not think that I would start ‘collecting’ photography in the early 90’s, when I was a graduate student in New York. I fell in love with the medium and naturally became curious. I would go to photography exhibitions at the ICP, the MoMA, I would visit galleries in Soho and Chelsea.

The Symbiosis of Art and Food

We experience our basic necessities every day, and, due to these often-occurring interactions, it is inevitable that we transform them into being more meaningful and pleasurable. This is the reason for the strong connection between food and art.

"People Are Not Statistics"

Suicide isn’t an occupational hazard. The feeling of isolation and helplessness that leads to suicide is one only a fraction of the people can relate to. Being a photo-based magazine, we were curious to hear the stories of some of our colleagues, see what they had to say, and try to understand how they felt.

Embracing Queer Children

There once was a time when convention was law. People thought that certain traditions concerning gender and sexual identity needed to be upheld because, until recently, that had been the norm. If a boy was drawn to extravagant outfits and liked to apply make-up, he would be labeled as weird.

Photography for Flyers

An increasing amount of airports are choosing to combat the stress of flying with art installations and galleries for passengers. Photography exhibits in particular have sprung up as a popular way to ‘see’ a region, and San Francisco International Airport is taking the lead in providing such opportunities.

JEHAD NGA: the Corrupted

The glitchy, colour corrupted images that make up Jehad Nga’s The Green Book Project seem like they have been pulled off of a destroyed hard drive. Images that were forced from the unwilling grasp of some digital purgatory and thrust into the light of day.

Pride Month!

Every summer since the 1969 Stonewall Riots, Pride has been celebrated in June in New York City and has spread nationally and internationally to the point where former President Bill Clinton officially recognized Pride Month in 1999.

CAREY YOUNG: The Peeping Tom

Almost all the courtroom doors at the Palais de Justice in Brussels contain circular windows, through which one can view the trials in progress. This design expresses the idea of fairness in legal trials, it indicates that there is a transparency to the process. In order to create my video piece Palais de Justice (2017), I shot a lot of footage of trials in progress through these windows.