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#WHM Karine Laval

I started to take pictures with the phone while dancing and interacting with people surrounding me, in a very intuitive and random way, almost as if using the camera like a paintbrush into space. I became intrigued by the way the extremely low resolution of the images created texture and gave the bodies a sculptural quality while at the same time blurring the contour of the human figure and reinforcing its dissipation.

#WHM Gerda Taro + Lee Miller

Early on, they changed their names as a business decision and partnered with lovers who helped them learn the camera. Afterward, they struck out on their own, but both produced pictures whose authorship was misattributed to those teachers.

#WHM Tina Barney

I really was interested in seeing in black and white, and what that does compared to color, by itself, as a medium unto itself. And it really, really interests me and it always will.

#WHM Erica Baum

I’m always trying to suggest that there is a voice that runs through things. For example, with the Naked Eye, the same book can generate different stories. There are these voices, and I’m looking for them. I like being surprised.