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Exhibition Review: Eugene Richards - The Run-On of Time

In the arts, context plays various roles, be they to make sense of a work, enhance and deepen its meaning - or construct around its edifice the leaden scaffolding of useless hearsay. For instance, it may be interesting to know that Beethoven composed his 3rd symphony as a tribute to his idol, Napoleon Bonaparte, but it’s far from being essential to the listener’s experience.

Film Review: Kusama - Infinity

The great irony that is the life and times of Yayoi Kusama is the fact that for the majority of her life she created ceaselessly making art as an outsider, overlooked and dismissed by the art establishment. Although there were fellow artists who admired her work, were inspired by it, and in some cases, appropriated her ideas.

"People Are Not Statistics"

Suicide isn’t an occupational hazard. The feeling of isolation and helplessness that leads to suicide is one only a fraction of the people can relate to. Being a photo-based magazine, we were curious to hear the stories of some of our colleagues, see what they had to say, and try to understand how they felt.

Co-curator Maggie Mustard Discusses: The Incomplete Araki: Sex, Life, and Death in the Works of Nobuyoshi Araki

We didn’t just want visitors to feel like they understood the reception of Araki’s work (i.e., is this pornography or not? Is this work sexist or not?), we also wanted to make available to them conversations about its creation (what are the conditions of these photographs coming into being?) and its contextualization (what can we learn about putting these photographs in dialogue with our current moment?).