The Visual Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde Photography, Alexander Rodchenko & Vkhutemas Workshop

Alexander RodchenkoPryzhok s shestom (High Jumper), 1937  

Starting July 9th the Richard Saltoun Gallery in London will present a special selection of works in celebration of the 2014 UK-Russia year of culture. The exhibition will feature over 100 leading Russian avant-garde photographers including Alexander Rodchenko and the Vkhutemas Workshop. The collection of more than 1,500 photographs from the first half of the twentieth century emphasizes photography's rise in the popularity as a visual medium in Soviet Russia. The works twist the idea of traditional photography, embracing new methods of perspective to convey class disparities in Soviet culture. The exhibition runs until August 29th


Alexander Rodchenko Military Parade, 1935-36

Alexander Rodchenko 1935



Vkhutemas Workshop 1920s

Emerging Artist Interview: Anna Tea

Interview with Thomas Demand: Demannd’s Way