Susan Chalom: Portraits of the GALAPAGOS

Enchanted volcanic islands dispersed in the Pacific waters 575 miles west of continental Ecuador.  Home to Boobies and Waved Albatrosses and, of course, Darwin's finches, key to his theory of evolution.  Vivid green and red marine iguanas group into colonies.  Watch this only known sea lizard dive deep into the waters followed by a bask in the sun.  Fearless sea lions play like pups on pristine white beaches along the volcanic coastline as colorful Sally Lightfoot Crabs burrow into the sand while the only known penguins in the northern hemisphere shoot like bullets across it.

The waters, are a snorkeler's dream adventure. Below is a fantastic underworld of dolphins, wandering whales, sharks, sea turtles...

One can navigate through mysterious caves and lagoons while getting blissfully lost in time.

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The traits of a successful financier, interior designer, entrepreneur and modern artist are seldom concentrated in one individual , Susan Chalom, however is an exception..After shaking free of her Wall Street roots, Susan Chalom directed her creative energies and business prowess toward a new career in design and photography, which now form the basis of her ever-evolving career and lifestyle.

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