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Bonjour! As you may or may not know, we are bringing Musée to Paris Photo in less than a week, and couldn’t be more excited. On top of the incredible talent, intriguing work and beautiful photographs, the team is definitely looking forward to the Parisian food. Having lived in the City of Light for a couple of years, Editor in Chief and Founder Andrea Blanch attests you just can’t find a baguette in the States that compare to those of Paris.

For all those who are also planning on attending the Expo, or are just going to be visiting France's capital, we have compiled this list of the best eateries around Paris:

La Cordonnerie, 20 rue St-Roch Chef Hugo has made quite the name for himself at this quaint eatery in Place Vendôme. Be sure you make a reservation, especially if you want to have a truly holistic gastronomic experience by sitting nearby the kitchen. But plan around their schedule - La Cordonnerie is closed Saturday and Sunday nights!

Chez Francis, 7 Place de l'Alma What trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower and a nice glass of vin? At Chez Francis, you can cross both off your tourist-to-do list. Frequented by honeymooners, the English-speaking staff is used to visitors, although you won't find so many parisiennes sipping espresso at the tables. Still a great place to people watch and, come nightfall, see why Paris is known as the City of Lights.

Le Pichet, 68 rue Pierre Charron For the voyeur with an appetite, Le Pichet offers a quiet and secluded view of the Champs-Elysees to nosh on lighter fare of the signature seafood. Having now five generations of Oyster masters under their belt, Pichet de Paris' raw bar is hardly matched. The cozy booths and terrace seating offer a great resting spot after a long day of shopping at boutiques.

Sol Semilla 23 rue des vinaigiers Presenting a fusion of the "super food" craze and South American spices, the restaurant/grocery store is the ultimate recharge station. A full menu (drink or soup, main dish, and dessert dessert) for just €22.50 is pretty hard to beat too. Not to mention, it's free of all animal products!

Le Loir Dans La Théière, 3 rue de Rosiers "Just a tea and dessert place" does not do this vegan-friendly shop justice. An ever evolving menu of sweet delicacies, the giant lemon meringue is thankfully a regular on the menu. Wash it down with the incomparable tea.

Chez Omar, 68 rue de Bretagne Amidst the baguettes and frog legs, Paris also offers a unique selection of ethnic cuisine. One of the best is the Moroccan served at Omar. Ranging from light and fluffy couscous to Ratatouille served in heaping quantities, almost anyone could find a dish to dive into. And if you happen to be in town for Fashion Week, this is one of the many places to see and be seen.

L'as Du Fallafel, 34 rue de Rosiers The thriftiest lunch you can grab just about anywhere, felafel is the world's soul food, and Paris is no exception. This kosher sandwich shop in Marais does it the best. A popular place for tourists, locals, and even Lenny Kravitz, this is a great option for a fast meal after all your fine dining has cleaned out your bank account.

Brasserie Balazar, 48 rue Ecoles True French food: fois gras and escargot. These staples shine at this classic little bistro, complete with tightly packed cafe tables. Call ahead or plan for a 45 minute wait. But it may be worth it to be served by the infamous mustachioed waiter.

Le Progrès, 1 rue de Bretagne A remaining example of the Vie Bohème France was known for, these booths are tightly packed with hipsters and starving artist types. Coffees flow freely in this amazing spot to soak in culture and cigarette smoke. You may cough up a lung over the check if you don't scrutinize the prices first.

Guen Mai, 6 rue Cardinale For anyone who may be looking for a vegan option in a place known to douse everything in butter, Guen Mai is your new homestead. They also serve meats, spectacular fish, and vegetarian options too for all you omnivores.

Chez Andre, 12 rue Marbeuf An establishment in the "Golden Triangle" for nearly 90 years, the menu can be described as high class yet traditional. Their plating and pallete are both refined, with prices ranging from moderate to a little expensive at €16-38 an entree.

Diep, 55 rue Pierre Charron Not everyone expects Paris to be a place to splurge on Chinese food, but after a meal at Diep on Champs-Elysees you may think twice. The dim sum shrimp is to die for, the Szechuan beef is incredibly crispy, and - best of all - they're open late!

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Images courtesy HappyCow.Net, Trip Advisor, Chez André, Yelp!, Time Out and Flickr|Creative Commons. Compiled by Justin McCallum.

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