Jonathan Morse "The Sony A7r gets a new pair of shoes"

  In this case, it is the estimable and classic 1970's Canon F0.95 50mm,  the fastest 35mm lens ever made, (although there are now several copies by Leica, ($11,000), and others, such as the $800 Mitakon).

I have had this lens for several years, but up to now, there has not been a suitable adapter for it, since it uses a unique  external bayonet mount on account of it's large rear aperture.

Four times faster than the human eye, this lens could prove very  interesting on the full frame Sony.  Adapter arrives this Friday,

“God willing and the Creek don’t rise”.

Same day as the iPHone 6 plus.


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Jonathan Morse

A graduate of Harvard College and The Harvard Graduate School of Design, Jonathan Morse has been an active photographer for over sixty years. He lives in Sag Harbor where he works as a professional photographer, graphic designer and the publisher of Morse Books. In addition to his collection of 190 film cameras, he is known locally as an enthusiastic Ducatista, and a pretty effective bass fisherman on an evening tide at the Race, or so they say.

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