FORMENTO & FORMENTO: Japan Diaries at Fahey/Klein Gallery

Image above: Formento & FormentoMaaya XIV, Nishi-Sugamo, Japan, 2013

Musée has been following the work of BJ and Richeille Formento since the husband and wife team were featured in Musée Issues 7, 8, and 9. The Formento duo’s latest achievement is a solo exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, opening July 24th. The show features work from their newly released Japan Diaries. With styling and art direction by Richeille and photos by BJ, the couple traveled through Japan composing theatrically inspired images that blend modernity with traditional Japanese culture.

The opening reception will be Thursday, July 24th from 7-9 pm. The exhibition runs through August 30th.



Formento & Formento, Mai I, Arashyama, Japan, 2013


Formento & Formento, Yuka IX, Kosigaya, Japan, 2013

All images: © Formento & Formento, Courtesy of the Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

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