1. Tell us about your image:  

"Haussmanienne" is part of the "Unseen Real" serie, which was made last year. Even though I am never fully satisfied with my work, this is  probably the first one in which I recognise myself. I have never conceived my photographs with the purpose of them to end up in an  exhibition. First, they have to please me.


2. What kind of Fantasy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph?


This image (Haussmanienne) was made in Paris, I was walking around and waiting for this magic moment when the sun suddenly  reflects on a shop window and makes me see the unseen. This is my obsession: natural superpositions and/or blurred images. The reason of this is probably a vision deficiency which I was born with. Sometimes my eyes don't make the focus. With this natural optical particularity, I see  things differently. It turns my world into a permanent fantasy and photography allows me to play with that.


3. Why Photography? What about it inspires and excites you?

I play with a camera since I was 12. I received it as a gift from my grand parents. Studying photography was a passion, 2 years of assisting  a very exigent photographer thought me discipline as well, 10 years of commissioned work gave me the necessary practice and fifteen years later, I am still experimenting, pushing the limits beyond my camera  and always waiting for the unexpected...

4. Our next issue is centered around the theme of 'Temptation'. What do you find Tempting, right now?

Happiness has become a Temptation and I have decided to yield to it. It is today the fuel of my creativity which I best expressed through my photographs.

Musée Magazine No. 8 vol.1: Fantasy

Valérie Nagant



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