1. Tell us about your image:  

Male circumcision, as a fundamental remark of a child entering manhood, is being celebrated as a highly theatrical, public ceremony in Turkey. My work, as a series of twelve photographs, is an effort to explore masculinity through that traumatic ritual of loss, that is, acted out and upon the male body, for thousand years.


2. What type of Fantasy were you trying to express or capture in this photograph?


The third photograph ‘Whole’, titled same as the overall project, depicts the most intimate moment of a man's fantasized reverse-circumcision ceremony. As a surreal attempt to fill the absence caused by the cut, he seeks to face his repressed side through anesthesia-like imagery and challenge the tyranny of blue, the color of manhood. In this image, he’s shown as stitching his foreskin back on a stage, where the actual operation takes place.


3. Why Photography? What about it inspires and excites you?


I enjoy making small scale miniatures, but rather than existing sculptural forms, I treat them as physical components of an image. Obviously, photography is the best medium to freeze their temporal illusion, the moment in which they become otherworldly. It provides me an exciting way to play with scales and combine real figures with nonexistent spaces.


4. Our upcoming issue is centered around the theme of 'Temptation'. What's your biggest temptation?


I’ve always been attracted to antagonists and their dark personas. Their aggressive strength not only make the essential tension in a story, but also represent seductiveness of the bad.

 Musée Magazine No. 8 vol.2: Fantasy


 Whole4 Whole3

The Riddle of the Sugar Sphinx; Kara Walker at Creative Time

Sophie Calle: subject/object