Woman Crush Wednesday: Lisa Saad

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #3  © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #3 © Lisa Saad

Lisa Saad combines creativity, 30 years of industry experience and a relentless passion for the art of photography to create award-winning work that speaks for itself. Her promise of quality and experience in all platforms of digital and analogue media adds a unique flavour to her distinctive style. 

Lisa’s photographic work has gathered acclaim both locally and internationally. She is currently the 2016 AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year as well as the 2017 & 2016 Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year. Apart from over 200 awards to her name, Lisa is also an Ilford Master and the brand ambassador for Manfrotto, Phottix, Epson and Eizo.

Her most recent project ‘The Anonymous Man’ series has even found its way to the silver screen. Many pieces from the collection adorned the walls of the award-winning TV show Utopia, throughout its season 3 showcase.

The Anonymous Man #8  © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #8 © Lisa Saad

Interview by: Francisco Roasrio

Your style is very unique, playful and drawing like; What or who influenced your style?

I am influenced by everything, so there is not one particular person or style that has influenced me. I do know that when I was younger I would draw a lot of cartoons as my family was very artistic and my parents allowed us to explore and develop our drawing and painting skills. It was the technique of outlining the cartoons in black and then filling in the areas with tone and colour that I would say would be the closest comparison to my style that you see in The Anonymous Man series of images.

The Anonymous Man #13  © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #13 © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous man, who is he to you? What does he stand for?

The Anonymous Man is some ways is me. It does not matter that he is a man mostly in a black suit. He is my deepest darkest emotions buried so deep, the pain and realization that I was a broken soul and that I needed to find solace not only in myself but in my little world. I needed to move quickly, as it was the only way I would save myself. The Anonymous Man is my savior. He is my voice. He is my comfort. He is a part of me that is all of me. It does not matter that he is a man, he is human, he is no-one, faceless and burdened he is pushed to the corners of the frame. Pushed to the corners of our minds. He is my one true savior and he is fiction!

It is noticeable in the Anonymous man that architecture has a big influence in your work, why is architecture significant for you?

Architecture has always been a big influence in my life. I am always in awe of man-made structures and the thought process behind designing a building or a bridge that sits in our environments. Another thing is the patterns, repetitions of forms as well as the way the light hits the buildings and can change the buildings look and feel.

 The Anonymous Man #14  © Lisa Saad

 The Anonymous Man #14 © Lisa Saad

With this being one of your most recent series of work, and you having 30 years of experience in the industry where do you see your greatest improvement? In “The Anonymous Man” and as far as yourself.

My greatest improvement has been in my personal development which I have been able to channel though my series The Anonymous Man. Working as a photographer for 30 years has allowed me to refine and define my skills and it also allows me the privilege of being able to explore and create as I want. It has given me confidence and the assurance that I know how to create and also the belief that I am on the right path.

The Anonymous Man #16  © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #16 © Lisa Saad



1. How would you describe your creative process in one word?

Inspired Thought

2. If you could teach one, one-hour class on anything, what would it be?

If I could teach a one hour class it would be on using gradients in Adobe Photoshop

3. What was the last book you read or film you saw that inspired you?

The last film I saw that inspired me was Stronger which is about Jeff Bauman who survived the Boston Marathon bombing.

4. What is your most played song in your music library?

Saltwater by Chicane

5. How do you take your coffee?

Hmm, I don’t actually drink coffee but I do drink hot chocolates as long as they are not too hot.

To view more of Lisa Saad's work view here

The Anonymous Man #26  © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #26 © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #30 © Lisa Saad

The Anonymous Man #30 © Lisa Saad



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