Musée & Cecilia Instagram Takeover Competition Winner: Mikey Touri

Musée & Cecilia Instagram Takeover Competition Winner: Mikey Touri

Musée Magazine is excited to announce Mikey Touri as the winner of the 2016 Musée Instagram Takeover Competition! With over 130 submissions, choosing a winner was no easy task. However, we firmly believe that Mikey Touri encompasses the various identities in which “place” can manifest itself—whether that be an exploration of the physical, the metaphysical, and/or the psychological notions of place.

1. When and how did you get involved in photography? My friend Kathia, who is now one of my primary models, introduced me to the art of photography. Once one of her models, I am now on the other side of the camera so the roles have reversed!

2. How does nature influence your work? Nature is half of it. I combine elements of both the beauty of the environment and the beauty of my models to create a balance of nature and human. Everytime I enter a natural scene, even if it's one I've been to countless times, I always discover something new to work with.

3. How does the environment of a place you're shooting effect the tone of the final image? I work solely with what the environment provides. If I cannot find psychedelic and beautiful elements within the environment, I just won't take any pictures. I aim to combine portrait and landscape, so separating the two would be strange for me.

4. What's the craziest prop you have used in your photography? Animal remains!

5. How do you choose your subjects? I usually just shoot my friends... this is just my passion so I prefer not to go searching. If people come to me, I'll be happy to take their picture, though my greatest work comes from the comfort of shooting people who are close to me. The connection between artist and subject is very important.

6. How do you differ in your approaching to photographing people to photographing landscapes? I prefer to combine the two elements of portrait and landscape, at least that's how I see my work. I don't like to shoot the two separately - though if I had to classify my work into those categories, I would call it portrait work. The differences between my shots lie in the feelings in which they evoke.

7. How would you describe your creative process in one word? Spontaneous - whatever I see in the moment is what I flow with.

8. If you could teach one one-hour class on anything what would it be? American Literature! I'm actually in school studying English Education in the hopes to become a high school teacher!

9. What is the most played song in your iTunes library? "Eyes of the World" - Grateful Dead

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