The Many Faces of KIN (← →) The Evolution of Album Cover Art for Pat Metheny by Stephen Doyle and his Team

Even if you didn’t know that Pat Metheny was a jazz musician, you could have figured it out by the matter of fact name given this show. The evolution of album cover art for Pat Metheny by Stephen Doyle and his Team doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but it described perfectly what the show was. 20 variations of the cover of the album Kin (← →), riffs on a common theme and improvising around an established classic. Stephen Doyle (and his team) play with the idea of a human face much like Pat Metheny (and his unity group), play with the ideas of song structure, key, tempo and tone. The show at it's surface is 20 different versions of the album cover, which was collaborated on by Metheny and Doyle. The cover is a face made up of many parts of other faces that form a familiar whole. It's interesting to look at and, theoretically anyway, can be endlessly dissected and talked about. It's a relatively cool album cover, with a relatively cool idea behind it, and I bet it took forever, but not everyone is going to appreciate Live at the Fillmore if they aren’t already hip. The show plays through February 15th.

Text by John Hutt

Photos by Tanya Kiseleva and Antonio Williams

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“Everything is Inside”, Subodh Gupta. NGMA, New Delhi, India

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