Quality of life at BOSI Contemporary

Above image: Reka Reisinger, Mirage, 2007. Courtesy of BOSI Contemporary.

Quality of life is a relative phrase, with meaning that changes according to the one defining it, their personal life experiences and the culture that surrounds them. At the BOSI Contemporary gallery, several artists have gathered to offer their own interpretations. With their work they explore humanity, touching on the significance of existence.

Each artist either takes a stand from personal perspective or attempts to inhabit the shoes of others. Daniel Bejar uses bold signs reminiscent of political propaganda to make a statement on the classic yet faulty “American Dream”, not necessarily criticizing the idea but pointing out the desire for a perfect life that all of us hold. This contrasts with paintings by Aliza Nisenbaum, who spotlights undocumented Mexican immigrants seeking that same American Dream. The quality of living takes on a tourist perspective with Reka Reisinger, who visits popular American must-sees, using a cardboard cut out of herself to document the journey. She observes the trip as an outsider, making a statement on how we measure experience and success by flaunting them to the world with the desire of outside approval. We are similarly left on the outside when observing Ethan Breckenridge’s sculptures. Glass prisms contain plants, giving them ideal environments to grow, but leaving them entirely dependent on a caretaker. They’re reduced to an object rather than a living thing, which will eventually become cramped in a contained space. We similarly observe the objects by Claudia Cortinez and Carlo Vela-Prado, presented as archival documents of historical significance, but which are almost entirely fabricated, leaving it up to the audience to determine authenticity.

The show is curated by Allison Galgiani and each artist has been a recipient of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation Emerging Artist Grant. A portion of proceeds go to benefit the foundation. The show runs until July 19th.


Claudia Cortinez + Carlos Vela-Prado, Untitled (Cove), 2013. Courtesy of BOSI Contemporary.


Instalation view: Quality of Life. Photo by Srdan Kalinic´. Courtesy of BOSI Contemporary.


Instalation view: Quality of Life. Photo by Srdan Kalinic´. Courtesy of BOSI Contemporary.

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Photos from the opening night by Xiaofeng Li.

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