Aries This month there continues the kind of ricocheting, dynamic energy that is coming between Uranus, Pluto, and Mars at cross purposes in the cardinal signs that affects Aries people directly in terms of stimulating an inner landscape of toil and strife that should manifest in due time as some significant external change that is self derived, that comes from an inner impetus to change radically not only the self but the world in which the self emerges. And this month, there will be a heavy dose of charm on your shoulders with Venus touring Aries and hitting Uranus in your sign directly on the week of May 11th-18th. During this time, you could very well attract someone eccentric or experience an out of the blue connection to someone you never would have considered… it is also a good time to begin and present artistic projects which are new and unorthodox. Mid May, people will be particularly receptive to your ideas, to any kind of sudden change, and to lightning like shifts in the realm of the arts. A new moon at the end of May in Gemini will serve you well in terms of a new project or a short trip or something beginning which probes beneath superficial layers, some kind of work which is stimulating and embracing of a universal kind of chaos.



Happy birthday Taurus. Coming off the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 29th, which should have set in motion something some firm new footing, a solid beginning, the month then rolls on with dynamic force, your sun coming to a harmonious link with Pluto, planet of regeneration, and then moving opposite Saturn just as the Full moon in Scorpio crests in the sky on the 14th of May. This time may beckon you to solidify or break apart a personal relationship. It is possible no matter the circumstances that you may experience a sexual resurgence though the full moon—signifying an ending—will likely draw you despite any peak in romanticism to gather up your blankets and hug them close to yourself, for the new moon in Gemini on the 28th will pull you forth into intellectual activities, communal ones. It is either that a relationship has reached a place of solid affirmation and the Saturnine presence with the full moon will strengthen any commitment to longevity…or it is the time of breaking when no commitment can hold a relationship whipped to and fro by the winds of change, in which the Taurus and his mate are veering separately. Either way, the high emotions and a deep feeling of purpose will come upon you mid month and will sanctify and soothe any decision you may make. Finally, towards the end of the month, Venus will enter Taurus, thus imbuing you with the charm and grace to find another or to immerse yourselves in projects personal and satisfying, artistic and soulful.



Happy Birthday Gemini if you’re born in May. This month will be a stimulating, magnetic one for you. It is very likely you’ll meet a new love interest or find that times are exciting in terms of your romantic endeavors, and by the end of the month, they will take an especially enveloping, dreamy kind of tone which may shake you out of any preconceived notions of time and space, right and wrong, for you will be so immersed in a watery shade of love. And if there is no one, then this could very well spring as simply a time of heaving emotions and magnetic, passing attractions in which you find too perhaps that any artistic endeavors are enriched, made of depth, and sudden opportunity may come in the form of a new endeavor that is particularly rooted in the arts for Venus will conjoin Uranus mid month in Aries, a sign sextile or harmonious to yours. And end of the month, on the 28th, a new moon in Gemini, affecting especially those born in May will heighten a subconscious sense of reality and perhaps completely wrench you from any day to day activities for the new moon conjoined with the sun will square Neptune thus strengthening imagination, perceptions, and stirring the emotions into an almost reverent feeling for the world or one in particular who may enter these depths of days with you… it will be a time in which you may act quite out of character for others know you perhaps more abstractly, more reserved, and you cannot help by the end of the month but to wear your heart on your sleeve or let love shackle your feet and bring you to your knees. A connection to Mars too may stir the volatile sense of emotions that occur at this time and give you the confidence and assertiveness to approach and merge with whoever or whatever you desire.



The month begins with Venus leaving watery, comfortable Pisces and moving into dynamic, impetuous Aries to conjunct Uranus, this combination affecting you squarely or dynamically in personal relationships or simply in the way you present yourself. You may find this month an erratic flavor to your relations and to the reaction people have from you. Any natural inclination towards timidity or reservedness will be abruptly punctuated by these erratic people around you, or out of character impulsiveness. It is best as this is a passing transit to embrace any feeling of impetuousness and to go with this electric flow, for connected to Jupiter, unexpected good things may come from not holding your tongue and from imbued confidence. A full moon in Scorpio, a water sign like yours, will hit Saturn mid month and is a time to bury your bolt of electrical energy into the sand and burrow there as crabs are wont to do, for the energy must be made to manifest something, in the end, concrete. You may have the opportunity to relish in long term plans, or you may find yourself feeling suddenly repressed or trapped by obligations, nonetheless, they must be reckoned with, or perhaps forced upon you. Though Cancer is never one to turn away from obligations or duty, still, as the sign opposite Capricorn or the ruler of Saturn, obligations can sometimes feel unnerving for you must face your duties in the world and leave behind any childhood notions, and in this realm you will find too that if you embrace whatever is flowing towards you in the universe that with Jupiter finally moving towards the end of your sign, wondrous things will be due to you.




A really wonderful energy is in the air Leo with Venus entering fellow fire sign Aries and coming in contact with the planet of unexpected strike, Uranus. It is a wonderful time to be in the spotlight, meeting new people, or working on projects that are especially innovative or in need of new exposure or ideas. You may find too that unattached, there could be some out of the blue connections this month, though the fancies may very well passing—or not, a full moon will crest in Scorpio mid month on the 14th and double up with Saturn and will be square to your natal sun, especially if you are born the second or third week of August. The full moon will by all accounts seem to force upon you recognition of your obligations that have been perhaps ignored or shrugged off in favor of more enjoyable times. However, the benefits to embracing any emotional commitments and commitments that are vital to your own emotional well being may be great artistic achievement or a relationship that will curve into a different world, expected and solid. Though it may feel hard to swallow and your energy so alive and electric may suddenly crash and stop up, still with that Leonine stretch and yawn, you can with a bit of conscious effort and strength of will balance the need which shall emerge from within to stabilize your external conditions and the intent of your heart.




This month Virgo is a really lovely time to work steadily and get organized. You will find opportunities coming that are stable and reliable and upon which you can work and toil continuously. A full moon in Scorpio, a sign sextile or harmonious to yours, will conjoin with Saturn this month to boost your inner resources with an emotional force for setting down some deep roots in whatever it is your are projecting into this world or perhaps in a relationship, if that relationship fits well into your work schedule and your individual goals. Towards the end of the month however, a new moon coming in Gemini, a sign square to yours, will bring into this world some volatile energy by connecting with Mars, which adds a kind of aggrandizement to the emotions as well as creativity for the new moon will signal Neptune too, the sphere of delusion and illusion and deepset subconscious imagination. After such a practical month of good and well tidings, you may find yourself suddenly thrown off kilter by a very potent reverie which could take the form of a very enticing person or as a stroke of creative genius in yourself, that is if despite the great force of this month to drift into a formless daydream, you can hone in on the energy in you that integrates and structures into form.




It is likely this month that you could meet someone new and very unexpected for Venus is opposite your sign and hitting Uranus, the planet which has brought so much upheaval and change into your life recently. It could begin as perhaps a detached love, though a strong one, in which a certain person seems suddenly to be vital to your path, though the relationship may not turn out to be a lasting one. Though anything is possible. It is likely however that the sexual feeling will be coursing and potent in this mix for the links between Uranus, Venus, and Mars are often unorthodox, sexual, and uninhibited. Then at the end of the month on May 28th, a new moon in Gemini, a fellow air sign, will link up with Mars touring your sign and there will be a feeling of a swift and sought after new beginning that is positive and assured, for you feel as if you have carved this trajectory out entirely yourself, and likely you have with the energy of Uranus, Mars, and Pluto all pointed towards Libra as of late, which is a very potent, trembling, and unstoppable kind of energy that must be harnessed directly or will implode. Thus, you may find rewards coming in terms of your individual achievement or the new relationship may suddenly feel as if it is rounding out the very anima and animus of your psyche with its perfectness, so fully immersed could you be this month in the forces of the universe.




The full moon will hit Scorpio on May 14th and join up with Saturn, which of course has been a constant force in Scorpio for almost two years now. This new moon will certainty be a positive one, provided the energy of Saturn can be absorbed and understood, and likely with its presence so firm and contained, you are ready to harness this important energy. You will find that your life is taking on a very distinct flavor, that what you have been working for and desiring—of stable footing, of a reliable and yet deeply coursing energy which has the power to create and hold the times in an enchantment is yours to integrate. It may be too that a relationship is beginning which could be long lasting, or a relationship is confirmed yet again to be of vital importance to your becoming, something in which you can trust, though being not without burdens, must come with a complete inner conviction. Everything can be weathered as long as the conviction is present, for then after struggle, after pain, and after great tests, the withstanding of the conviction shall bring in the still and whitening of the earth after a storm, a quiet, real, and imbued kind of happiness….




You have an exciting month ahead Sagittarius in which romanticism is really high and you’ll feel the most wonderful expression of it in yourself and perhaps with another in particular, the two of you suddenly struck with a desire to be together seemingly out of nowhere, and with the energy of something new and profound upon you, your days will be filled with an electric, untamed energy. There is some word of warning though. By month’s end, a new moon in your opposite sign of Gemini will connect your sun with a T-square and Neptune in Pisces at the helm. Thus, you may find whatever new existence you’re partaking in, whether it be romantic or an external manifestation of an inner impetus, is perhaps not exactly what it seems as the energy must be made to filter through Neptune, the planet of dreams and visions and altered existence. So perhaps whatever it is that you have begun is going to swiftly throw you onto a new plane in which the illusion and the dream images are all consuming, and what could come of this is high art, a very spiritually rooted love, or perhaps a great disillusionment. Though the presence of your sun in Sagittarius, rounding out what is a typical square makes it seem of profound purpose, beyond simply the haze of disillusionment, but towards a crystallizing of an energy that one perhaps imagined could not live on this earth, yet through your will and knack for higher thinking, may take this month very real form.




There is on your horizon a very real likelihood of a sexually virulent relationship that takes hold of your life in a gripping, ecstatic way. Your sun will form a dynamic T-square between the opposing forces of Venus joined with Uranus opposite Mars. And these shifting planets, joined together, tend to bring out of the ordinary, potent union, that though stimulating may not necessarily be stable, and in fact is not stable, at least in this current form. Though all things are due to change form at some point. However, this may be a month of incredibly deep rooted intimacies, with of course Pluto still gripped into your sign, which may be highly transformative. It is best to go with the universe on this one, not pin down, not categorize or draw away from, but wholly give yourself up to that which you encounter this month or that which has been brewing and as Venus hits Uranus will find its outlet. Then, a full moon will hit Saturn in Scorpio, and being mutually receptive to your Pluto in Capricorn will bring a great stabilization of emotional energy, which is either an inner conviction of your set path given new air, a great door swinging open, and in which you feel satisfied and assured in its continuous becoming… or, the romance which has sprung up has likelihood of longevity after all…




This month is an exciting one. Venus will come to join your ruler, Uranus, in Aries and thus affect you directly. It is likely you, like everyone else will feel the pull of irresistible attraction to another this month though you, Aquarius, are more likely to take it for what it is than try to form it into something else, when it is not. The energy coming together now in the skies to form unions, to draw people together sexually, and to amp up long buried winter rooted energies for the heating summer is something which you will take on ecstatically and with just enough removedness to be able to let it go when it wants to fly free or dissolve like a sprite in a storybook forest. A full moon at the end of the month on May 28th will form with your sun sign especially if you are born in late January or first week of February and Mars in Libra a beautiful grand trine, which is an extremely benevolent aspect. It is likely that your endeavors will take on great shape and speed, and your energies will be high, ever flowing. And whatever sexual potencies that came into the air this month too will find continuous outlet, and that everything will be greatly enjoyed and appreciated, but being an Air trine, will nonetheless in its lack of rootedness allow you to free yourself whenever you choose with somehow no one getting hurt by your seemingly innocuous heart.




The full moon and new moon this month will affect you directly Pisces and it’s best to get into both, for these two moons will dominate your May landscape. The first is on May 14th in Scorpio, a water sign like yours, and joined with Saturn. This may very well bring to fruition things on which you have concentrated and your emotional energy will be firm and unyielding. It is likely that you could bring into reality now whatever your heart desires or that you may see coming into reality something you have wanted to see for very long. And then, the new moon on the 28th of May will be in Gemini, a sign cross to yours, and will join with Neptune in your sign… thus, this time will be especially emotional for you in which your dreams perhaps may in a very real way be projected onto another. You will find your imagination greatly heightened and your intuitive sense absolutely right on… and yet, there is a quality of something clearing imploding… and that is, that this energy without form must coarse through and drift on, and it is always with heartbreak that Pisces passes on from one flower to the next, for one cannot remain in a stupor over any one thing for too long. One must shake off musky reveries and form real things, draw roots into the earth, and recognize an earthly existence. However, because of the recently passed full moon so joined with Saturn, it is likely that you will not lose complete sense of what is real, of what is firm... though this new moon will certainly bring into your life perhaps a very sweet flavor, a gift from God for all the hard work you have done—a taste of heaven on earth. Though don’t try to hold too firmly to a butterfly’s wings… you must, like the Aquarian nature which you passed over in becoming a Pisces learn to let go and bless whatever comes, though its end too is inevitable even in its coming, is written in even beneath all promises…






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