SOAM Studio presented a group show by Paula Rey Jimenez, Maha Alasaker and Maddalena Arcelloni on June 25th, 2015.

This group exhibition features the work of three photographers who have left their respective countries of origin, facing the everyday challenge to reconcile their inner selves with the new external surroundings and the difficulties of an itinerant and precarious way of living. Through three radically distinct visual approaches, the photographers investigate the different nuances of their attempts to find steady references to mitigate the feeling of displacement that the choice of a nomadic life inevitably carries.

2©Paula Rey Jimenez
 ©Maha Alasaker (From the series: Family)
 ©Maddalena Arcelloni (From the series: Ben)

The work exhibited here reflects their efforts to form a new definition of “home”, either by exploring and acquainting with the new sceneries they find themselves in, or through the collection of portraits and images of daily familiar gestures of their closer relatives and friends.

Les Lieux-Sakshi Parikh 2015-23

Les Lieux-Sakshi Parikh 2015-20

Les Lieux-Sakshi Parikh 2015-1 Les Lieux-Sakshi Parikh 2015-12

Les Lieux-Sakshi Parikh 2015-13


MAURIZIO PELLEGRIN: self and the selfie