Leigh Ledare at Mitchell - Innes & Nash

LEIGH LEDARE (left to right)An Invitation: Saturday, July 23, 2011 2012 An Invitation: Sunday, July 24, 2011 2012 An Invitation: Monday, July 25, 2011 2012
Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY 2014

Brooklyn based Leigh Ledare smashes the personal and social together in his collage fueled view of the world. From modified newspaper clippings to his mother's sexual endeavors, can a topic ever be too personal or raw to play with, expose or share? Evidently not. Circling news reports, blocking out faces and a collecting photographs showcasing his mother in the middle of sexual acts it is clear that Ledare is not here to make you feel comfortable. His work challenges what we are expected to share and supposed to say. Back for two shows in New York since 2008, his other exhibition earlier this year collaborating with Nic Guagnini centered around a news clipping from a couple's relationship that ended with a murder trial. Ledare is clearly interested in crossing and investigating the personal boundary lines we've been instructed to follow. Using visually shocking subject matter Ledare suggests we play with our comfort zone and test where our own lines lie. 


The show runs through April 26th.


Text by Amanda Everich

Photos by Lena Vassiliou

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