Imprints at Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

Here are some facts about Amy Wolf's show.

In picking the art for Imprints, Amy Wolf said that she wanted to choose artists that used their bodies, flexist artists. Larry Miller presented a piece done in the 60's, infused with his DNA. One of Aura Rosenberg's pieces, which took place in the middle of the show, used the legs of dancer Ariel Wolf. Most of the artists used various parts of their physicality to produce their work.

Wolf also wanted work that was not as well known. The fingerprint portrait by Chuck Closeand Yves Klein's "Kiss my Irish Ass," which was a video of Klein using, you guessed it, her ass, to make four leaf clovers. Which, Ms. Wolf added, can still be "cringe worthy," even though it was done twenty years ago.

In explaining her inclusion of some pieces that were on the fringe, Ms. Wolf expressed that there is something about the literal body of work, and the artists using their bodies that is “fresh and sassy”, regardless of when the work was produced.

The show runs from January 23rd - March 15th, 2014.

Text by John Hutt and Dave Gazzo

Photos by Dave Gazzo

Amy Worf, Leslie Tonkonow  and Larry Miller


Aura Rosenberg,Larry Miller and Cheryl Donegan


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