Fred Cray: Unique Photographs at Janet Borden Gallery

u·nique (adj.)  1.) Being the only one of its kind 

2.) Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled


In 2008 Fred Cray began hiding and leaving photographs around New York City and other parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Each print is marked by a stamp and numbered in order to individualize each print. The digital files are then altered or terminated, solidifying the project title's authenticity. Over 4,000 of these images have been left behind for anyone to discover and claim. These “unique” photographs are part of his project called Unique Photographs, refreshingly original in its own right.


Keep an eye out walking the city, you may just stumble across one of Fred Cray's photographs, and you can be sure that it's one of a kind. Also, you can always check out this fascinating project at Janet Borden Gallery, located at 560 Broadway between Prince Street and Spring Street in New York City.

 Text by Carlos Fonts

Photos by Lena Vassilliou




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