Elad Lassry at the 303 Gallery

Lassry works in a variety of mediums, although if you asked him he would say he mostly works with photography. Lassry's definition of photography seems to be, if anything he does contains a print then it's photography. The exhibition showed his newer work, which was photography that had been enhanced with mixed media, padded silk added to the top of a portrait of a woman Untitled (Woman, Blonde) shows a woman getting a massage, the masseuse totally obscured by the silk.

The piece Bits showed horse bits on a silver metal background; then black holes were cut out; instead of evoking farm life, all I could think about was S&M.

Another pice utilizing mixed media was Untitled (red) which was a portrait of a woman, the subject almost totally obscured buy a red ribbon running through the middle; this of course makes the subject “red” not the woman.

The rest of the photographic works were all worth looking at, String B a silver gelatin print, was exceptional.

In addition to photography Lassry incorporated sculpture into the show in the form of Yellow Bed and SW White Cabinet. I prefer Lassry's photographic and mixed media work more than the sculpture, or is it furniture? The crowd in the 303 Gallery didn’t seem to mind, filling the room almost as soon as the show was opened.

IMG_5246 IMG_5238

Review by John Hutt Photographs by Tanya Kiseleva

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