Collier Schorr "8 Women" at 303 Gallery

 (left) Boots, Chair, Hair, 1998 (right)Where are you Going? 2013

Collier Schorr's work is subversive. It's easy for those of us in New York, who are onboard with dismantling the pyramid scheme of patriarchal dominance, to brush over the work and view it as portraiture or documentary photography. Schorr is neither, her images of women are taken in a way that seems natural and expected. There is a sensual nature to some of the work, especially in Where are you Going?, but that is a sensuality combined with fractal leaves and infinite triangles; removing the viewer from the expected curves and gentle lines of the model.

There are nudes, there are legs, there is pubic hair and there are nipples – but all of the models are at ease, and while Schorr still gravitates towards socially acceptable forms of beauty, she is doing it on her terms, and most importantly without fetishizing her subject.

Worth talking about, as it stands out is N.K. which hangs next to the photographic prints on ultrachrome ink and paper. While the image is taken from a photograph the artist has chosen only to show the outlines of the face. They eyes are still expressive and the mouth is parted just as the models in the other works. So why so blank? The only remaining part of the picture is the nape of the models neck. In relation to the show it works well, because it stands out, but why does Schorr want us to pay particular attention to this piece? Not a detraction,  there is nothing better than a show that intrigues.

 Review By John Hutt

 Photos by Tanya Kiseleva




Andrea Blanch, Matthew Kraus, Amy Kraus

Where are you Going?


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