Christopher Bucklow

Christopher Bucklow

February 21 - March 23, 2013

Danziger Gallery

written and photographed by Manon Fantoli

Christopher Bucklow is one of the leading figures of the contemporary British 'cameraless' photography movement.


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His other-worldly photographs of radiant men and women set against grounds of color are made through a complex multi-step process which begins with the artist projecting the shadow of his sitter on a large sheet of aluminum foil and tracing its outline. He then makes thousands of small pinholes in the foil silhouette.

Using a contraption of his own device that places the foil over a large sheet of photographic paper, Bucklow then wheels his homemade "camera" out into daylight and pulls the "shutter" to briefly expose the paper to direct sunlight. Thus each finished picture becomes a unique photogram silhouette composed of thousands of pinhole photographs of the sun. The intensity of light on a given day and the length of exposure create unique color variations on how the resulting piece appears.


This unique exposure creates variations of colors and intensity that bring us to an abstract world. Mysterious figures and symbols seemed dance and invited us to unique primal narrative visions.


Bucklow's work is held in numerous public collections all around the world.


Nicolai Howalt & Trine Sondergaard